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CM4 Q Card Case Review


CM4 Q Card Case Review – The Wallet/Phone Combo

There has been an influx of wallet/phone combo cases to hit the market recently.  It’s an interesting concept that we’ve all thought about before, and now, some of these thoughts are coming to fruition.  The Q Card case is manufactured by CM4; a new company to appear on the market.  I’ve spoken directly with Matt Altschul (CM4′s President and Founder), and can tell that he is genuinely passionate about what he does.  My impressions is that he truly seems like the type of guy who stands behind his products, and I feel more than comfortable recommending CM4 as a company.  That being said, lets get in to the review…

From The iCaseReview Editor:
Many times we get asked. ‘What type of cases are we using on our phones?’.  As lead editor of iCaseReview, I can confidently say I have not been able to find a case that I would rather use over the CM4 Q Card case.  I was surprised to read so many harsh reviews of the case by other sites.  What’s interesting is that when you look at real users reviews of the case, they seem to be more than satisfied with the Q Card.  To me, this case struck a balance between slim size and practicality.  So many of the wallet cases out there seem bulky and cumbersome.  Not only does this case do a good job of protecting your phone (with the rubber sides), but it is just to practical to trade in.  Currently, I just can’t see myself giving it up…

Manufacturer: CM4
Model: Q Card Case
Pros: Holds up to 4 cards, a slim wallet case, protective
Cons: Not quite as secure as some, somewhat expensive
The Lowest Trusted Price We Could Find: $39 with FREE Shipping through this link
iCaseReview.com Rating: 



A Wallet and a Case
The first thing you notice about CM4′s Q card case is that it doubles as a wallet.  After using this case for a few days, I came to think about it less as a wallet, and more as an iPhone case with a slot that could store a few cards if I needed to travel lightly.  It definitely came in handy, but it also leaves a bit to be desired.  Lets talk about the construction…

The Q Card is made of two materials; a faux leather, and a tough but pliable rubber. There are cutouts for all the normal access points, with the sleep and volume buttons remaining covered.  They maintain a very tactile feel, and usability is in no way compromised.

Without cards in place, the pockets of the Q Card case look a bit flimsy and loose.  We were surprised at how much better this case looks when it contains cards to fill out the saggy pockets.

CM4 has addressed the issue with the lose pockets, and this issue only seems to be present in the initial demo units sent out for reviews.
Quite honestly, the Q Card holds cards and cash in place quite firmly.  Slippage could be possible, but I don’t feel that there’s a likely risk of cards falling out of this case.  Once you insert two or three cards they actually become a little hard to remove, so CM4 has integrated a cutout on the opposite site to ‘push’ your cards out from the back.  We thought that this was a well-thought-out, and convenient addition.

Surprising Protection
The CM4 Q Card is surprisingly protective.  The top of the case rises substantially over the screen of the phone to give the screen a nice safety buffer.  The actual rubber material that makes up the case provides some substantial shock absorption as well.  This is a case that we feel provides more than adequate protection for the typical user.

Things to Consider
After using the Q Card for a few days, it grew on us.  That being said, I think there is something left to be desired in terms of design.  Of course, this is all opinion, but worth the mention nonetheless.  The Q Card does take on a much stronger appearance with the addition of cards in to the slots, and this was where we developed our soft spot for the Q Card case.

Our Review In Summary
For someone in the market for this type of case, CM4′s Q Card Case should definitely be one that’s considered.  As we said in the introduction, the Q Card case will most likely never replace your wallet… Instead, approach it as an a iPhone case that may allow you to leave your wallet home in some instances.  With this approach, the Q Card case can be very a useful tool in the everlasting quest to condense your accessories and simplify your life.

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