iCaseReview: Incipio Feather Shine Review (iPhone 5)

Incipio Feather Shine Review


Incipio Shine for iPhone 5 – A new take on an old favorite

The Incipio ‘Feather’ case has been a favorite among iPhone owners.  It’s precise fit, slim profile, and great looks, have earned it a loyal following.  With the newest iPhone, Incipio has tweaked the design slightly, and added the Feather Shine to the lineup.  Here is our initial impression…

Model: Feather Shine
Pros: Great looking, Aluminum back, low profile
Cons: Somewhat loose fitting around the edges, low protection
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The Incipio Feather Shine is made of two basic materials: a hard (somewhat flexible) plastic frame and a brushed aluminum backing.  The case comes in two colors: Black and White.  The back of the case truly is brushed aluminum and you can feel the tiny groves if running your fingernail perpendicular to the grain.  The plastic sides are slightly opaque and see-through.  Almost ‘smoke’ colored.  Between the phone and the case, their is a thin matte material layer which should keep the back of your phone from getting scratched should any sand or grit get in between your phone and the case.  It is not soft like the older Feather case for iPhone 4, however.

The Feather Shine has large cutouts on the top and bottom of the case.  While this augments the low profile look, and allows for easy access of charging port and headphone jack, it also leaves your phones top edges exposed.  If you like the look of the Incipio Feather Shine, but want a little more protection, a good option to look at might be the Incipio Dual Pro Shine (Click here to view).  The camera opening on the Feather shine is adequate in size, and does not induce any camera flash glare.

Things to Consider
While the Feather Shine is a great looking case, we did find some things to consider before making your purchase.  If you’re  the kind of user who wants an absolute exact fit, you may find something to be desired with the new Feather.  The beveled edges of the iPhone 5 seem to make things a little difficult for case manufactures to make a case with absolutely no wiggle movement.  If you pull on the corners of the Feather, you can feel a little back-and-forth play.  In our opinion, one could just write this off as being nit-picky, but nonetheless, we wanted to mention it for our readers who are adamant about a 100% perfect fit.  Also, it’s worth noting that by design, the Feather does not protect the top and bottom (front facing) edges of the iPhone.  While this adds to the minimalist look, it does leave some of your phone exposed.  If this is an issue for you, we would recommend taking a look at the Incipio Dual Pro Shine (Click here to view).

Our Review In Summary
Overall, we think the Feather Shine is a good case.  With it’s highly attractive looks, and brushed metal backing, it will most likely be a contender in many people’s minds.  In our opinion, the slight play in the corners of the case is not severe enough to be a deal breaker, and if you like the look of the case, we feel that you’ll most likely be happy with it.  The Feather Shine for iPhone 5 carries on the Incipio Feather lineage, and for this incarnation, we’re giving it our recommendation, as well as a 3.5 star rating.





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